Francis Williams

Following a degree in graphic design from the University of Leeds, I decided to change direction and pursue a career in the field of computer science. Achieving a distinction in my master’s degree at Bangor University vindicated this decision. Following this I was given the opportunity to teach in a part-time basis within the same department, this provided a much-needed income stream whilst co-founding Sourcepulp Ltd.

Naturally, with my background in Graphic Design, I specialise in front-end web and mobile development drawing on my experience from both degrees. Since founding the company I have worked on a broad range of projects in several domains and across a variety of companies. Initially developing embedded systems for Bee Robotics, a medical device manufacturer, and progressing through projects with the NHS in Wales and other local businesses.

Most of my work revolves around web and mobile front ends, the design and consumption of REST APIs, and UX, however, I have considerable experience developing server-side infrastructure too.

I have experience in developing applications in a variety of environments including C#.NET on both the desktop and Windows Phone and .NET MVC for the server-side. More recently I have returned to developing in Java for server-side and Android applications as well as all utilising the excellent Angular 2+ frameworks for web applications.