We BRING ORDER. Delivered with Agile.

We are a consultancy for cutting edge technology founded in 2013 by two computer science PhD students. With a dual professional-academic background, we pride ourselves on having people capable of providing both expert software engineering services, and solving difficult academic problems.

Java and .NET Development

We have a number of experienced consultants who have designed, built, maintained and improved software in JVM and CLR based languages, for clients ranging from tiny startups to major corporations and national institutions. We are experienced in Agile, TDD and BDD.

Data Science, Machine Learning and AI

We have an excellent core team with strong backgrounds in Data Science, Visualisation, Machine Learning and AI. Our consultants have worked on projects such as natural language processing for sentiment analysis, time series prediction and modelling, change and anomaly detection, and many more. We have experience of delivering such projects in Python and MATLAB.

Feasiblity studies

We differ from the competition in that we have very close links to academia, and a lot of academic expertise on board. We excel at feasibility studies and the application of new technology to businesses. so that you can be certain no avenue was left unexplored, no matter how obscure or academic the problem.

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Developer Blog

March/April Update

March and April have been difficult months for most people I think. Football was cancelled, the 6 Nations was cancelled, games got delayed, cinemas closed. I heard that people are no longer allowed outside, but there seemed to be no difference to my day! In all seriousness, the pandemic has changed all of our lives … Continue reading March/April Update

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Key People

We rely on an excellent network of software professionals across the UK to deliver large or small projects, developed over our years in industry.


Dr. Will Faithfull

Managing Director
Machine Learning, Data Science, Back-End, REST, Deployments

Will co-founded the company in 2013. In 2015, he became the Managing Director. During this time he has served as a Senior and Lead developer on several projects. He has worked on big projects for the likes of Sky, and the NHS. He completed a PhD in Computer Science in 2018, entitled “Unsupervised Change Detection in Multivariate Streaming Data”. His academic interests and publications are in unsupervised Machine Learning.

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Francis Williams

CTO, Principal Consultant
Visualisation, GPU Computing, Graphics, Front-End

Francis co-founded the company in 2013. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, and a degree in Graphic Design. He has worked in robotics control systems, and on projects for the NHS. His academic publications are in the field of Visual Analytics. He has served as a Senior developer in mobile and front-end.

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Joseph Mearman

Consultant and Client Liaison
Visualisation, Photogrammetry, IoT, Augmented Reality, Blockchain


Joseph joined the company in 2016. During this time he has worked on several projects as an Android developer. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is studying for a PhD. His research interests and publications are in Augmented Reality applications.

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