March/April Update

March and April have been difficult months for most people I think. Football was cancelled, the 6 Nations was cancelled, games got delayed, cinemas closed. I heard that people are no longer allowed outside, but there seemed to be no difference to my day! In all seriousness, the pandemic has changed all of our lives and most certainly not for the better. We’re separated from loved ones, scared and isolated. But, if nothing else, we can hold onto the fact that what we’re doing, staying in, staying safe and being sensible is helping fight the pandemic in a powerful way. That is what matters most. 

Naturally, we at Sourcepulp have a relatively low key couple of months in terms of leaving the house. Luckily however we have a combined near century of applicable experience to lean on to get us through not having to leave the house! Or should that be ‘get’ to leave the house…

Will swung into action with a cross seas trip to the Emerald Isle in early March, sailing on the good ship Adventure! Upon his return from foiling rogue agent schemes, Will settled into life on the other side of Lancaster, having moved house, and also took on a new contract with a different branch of the HMRC. Clearly trying to throw the following adversaries off the scent. Wise. Will continues to rehab his leg, but is quickly returning to full strength.

Francis has found his home life changed by the closing of the German nurseries. Luckily his time babysitting me throughout the day has primed him to have the kids around full time again. In the meantime, Francis has been spending time working on the new Sourcepulp website and has developed a penchant for bread making! 

Continuing on from this, as a company we are in the midst of a design makeover. When the company was created in 2013, the name Sourcepulp was picked out of a proverbial hat. It fit the bill at the time but no longer feels fit for purpose, so it’s time for a change. It turns out that naming a company is about as easy as resurrecting Henry VIII so any suggestions to that end would be much appreciated! There’s only so many times we can kick around the same ethereal nonsense words.

Meanwhile, Joseph has been taking time to provide as many visors as possible. Quite incredibly he’s produced over 1000 visors for local healthcare professionals. We could not be more proud that he’s dedicated such a large amount of time to help people that are fighting against this pandemic. As you can see from the picture below, Joe’s living room has been completely taken over by 3d printers! Incredible. If you’re reading this and would consider donating to his GoFundMe page, please follow this link:

We’re all working together to get through this, taking one step at a time. It’s hard but we’re getting there.

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