Control System for Robotic Lab Machine

The RoboBlot (pictured) is a piece of robotic lab equipment for automating western blot analysis, produced and sold by Bee Robotics.

There is a touchscreen panel on the right hand side of the machine is where the functions of the machine are controlled from. The project brief was to design and create the user-facing control software to run on an embedded PC running windows embedded. The software was to be responsible for conducting all of the machine’s operations interfacing with the low-level components.

In this instance, we orchestrated the software development process from planning to delivery.


The application was to be built in C#, using the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) framework for interactivity. A team of two, working on-site with the client, was able to bring this application from concept, through thorough testing, to delivery. The software shipped worldwide with the RoboBlot machines, and is now maintained in-house by a software team at Bee Robotics.

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