Meet the World

As a company, Sourcepulp LTD has been operating for six years. The project of two PhD students at Bangor University, Sourcepulp LTD has developed into a flourishing small business with real ambition. A large part of the ambition revolves around developing a strong relationship with the tech community and getting involved with events and wider conversations as much as possible.

We’re going to be coming to events, giving talks, making friends, widening our eyes and hoping to bring our flavour of development to as much of the space as possible. Sourcepulp LTD operates out of a combination of England, Wales and Germany. This unique set up places us in a position to make as much of a splash as possible and to make connection all across europe in a physical, as well as digital, medium.

Working alongside Universities and the NHS has been a fantastic experience and we intend to bring that experience and our drive out to meet the world. We’re only just starting.

We’ll see you out there.

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