Coding Berlin: go west hosted by BITGRIP

Back fresh from a Christmas break full of rest and relaxation (and too many mince pies) we were delighted to have the opportunity to attend another great event organised by Coding Berlin. This time around, BITGRIP GmbH were hosting and we had a cracking two pronged evening of talks.

First to take to the proverbial stage was Stephan Ansorge from our hosts BITGRIP. Stephan spoke to us about his life as a, as he puts it, ‘Coding Dad’. Given our connections to education in technology over in Wales, it was interesting to hear another professional describe new ways of integrating python into projects with kids. The core of the presentation was a web based Pokedex with 7 accessible languages including Japanese, German, English and Korean to name but 4! Informative and entertaining, it was a pleasure to explore some new approaches and tools for engaging kids with programming. We here at Sourcepulp are looking forward to putting some of these ideas into practice with our own families once the time comes!

Following on from Stephan, we were treated to a discussion from Mina Nagy Zaki on Building p2p local network chats with Go, along with CRDTs and mDNS. This session was supposed to be interactive and we had been encouraged to bring hardware along with us to follow along with Mina, however there was so much content that time was too pressed. A fascinating look at a technology that’s becoming ever more relevant with increasing government attempts to interfere with and control the internet. A CRTD (or Conflict-Free Replicated Data type) approach would certainly help here and it was great to have the opportunity to explore this as a group and engage in some discussion on the GDPR issues inherent within CRTD and the methods we can use to rectify this. We hope Mina didn’t mind us interjecting with some points on this matter!

All in all, another fantastic session organised by Coding Berlin and graciously hosted by BITGRID. Thanks so much guys and to everyone who was there! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

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