January’s Sourcepulp Round Up

Coming into the new year, there’s been a lot of change over at Sourcepulp HQ. As a method of keeping track of our movements, and the coming and goings of the company, I wanted to start a monthly blog, updating readers with the latest information about what we’re doing on a day to day basis.

Will Faithfull has taken up a role with HMRC working on stuff that he can’t talk about. One can only assume that he’s a spy now, perhaps something that’s compounded by the good doctor taking a tumble from a ‘bike’ on his way home from Manchester and fracturing his knee. Bike, or helicopter? Time alone will tell. Taking time off from dodging rogue agents throughout the wild west of Lancashire, Will was invited to talk at PyData Lancaster. He spoke about the infrastructural leviathan that lurks beneath Data Science in production. We will have a further blog post coming soon going into more detail about the event.

Francis Williams continues his work with Infinity on the Masonix project and playing taskmaster for my day to day working! In between working a full time job, looking after two small girls, and making sure that my diva requests for a chair are fulfilled, he has found time to attend two great events from Coding Berlin. We have a blog post for each one, and more events are yet to come so stay tuned for more information about Francis’ adventures across Berlin! Reports that skype sessions with Francis in Germany after Brexit being subject to governmental approval have been found to be completely fabricated. Francis has also made an investment in a CNC milling machine, and aims to bring that development forward for personal and professional use.

Joseph Mearman returns to the Sourcepulp roster with a strong performance assisting with tech support for new Menai Bridge restaurant, Tapestri. In more personal news, he’s also recently taken on a fearsome commitment with three guinea pigs. We reached out to Joe’s feline companion Tia for comment, but only meows were forthcoming. However, my Cat to English dictionary is a bit out of date so that might be on me.

I have taken on more days at Sourcepulp and International School Parent, where I am Content Manager for the magazine. As a result, I’ve commandeered a bigger desk and continue to tell people that I “run the office”, something is technically true as I’m the only person in here #LeaderByDefault. In other news, I also got engaged this month. So an interesting few weeks really!

Thank you for taking the time to read our update. I will bring you more next month as we see what February brings!

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