February’s Sourcepulp Round Up

Welcome to another edition of what I’m tempted to call Benny’s Round Up. February has, on the whole been a relatively quiet month, albeit with some high points for us at Sourcepulp. Hold tight whilst I take you on the rollercoaster ride that was our February!

Will Faithfull continues rehab his knee and is making great… strides in his recovery. Hobbling into the office at HMRC on a couple of occasions has seen liberal use of local and national taxi companies in a move that I’m certain only the most cynical would see as a blatant way of making me do more paperwork. Despite his improvements, rumour has it that he was felled by a wet floor near a hot tub in recent weeks. Another lucky escape for our erstwhile hero. Who shall next try to eliminate Agent Faithfull? Find out, same Bat time, same Bat Blog.

Francis Williams made large inroads on the Masonix project this month. Emerging from his deep Germanic slumber, Francis forayed across the channel to attend a meeting on the state and future of Masonix, a trip that has proven most fruitful! Additionally, Francis has been working on building a new website for Sourcepulp from the ground up. We’re looking forward to releasing the new face of Sourcepulp in the near future.

For Joe, things have proceeded in much the same fashion as last month, continuing to provide support for Tapestri. Joe’s other work this month has seen him innovate in the realm of guinea pig housing solutions. See picture below for a fascinating look at what a man can achieve with a lot of caging cubes and free time.

In the meantime, I’ve grown another year older this month. Sadly, I’ve not managed to become a year wiser. Despite this, I have managed to set up a tea station on my desk, so who’s laughing now?

March promises to be a good month I’m sure. All the best, and thank you for reading

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