Working From Home

At some point over the last few days or weeks, workers all around the world may have found themselves thrust into a new working paradigm. Working from home comes with a lot of challenges, however for us at Sourcepulp it’s a normality. I’d like to take you through some of the ways we manage to deal with working outside of the traditional office setting.

  1. Do your morning routine – Just because you’re not going to the office does not mean that you’re not going to work! Shower, get dressed and eat breakfast (even if you might not do so normally! You’ve the time now) just like you would on any normal day. Preparing appropriately for the day will put you in the mindset to work. As tempting as it is to work in pyjamas just because you can, it does not mean it’s the best course of action.
  2. Find a proper workspace – Where at all possible, try to designate a place to work. Setting up a dedicated area of the house to work allows you more easily set you mind to get on with your job and less inclined to procrastinate with the multitude of distractions now at hand! Designating this area for work can also help others in the house respect that you’re working and not simply at home from work, and ensure they are more likely to let you proceed uninterrupted.
  3. Keep in contact with your team or co-workers – We at Sourcepulp tend to have a group chat where we can talk throughout the day. It raises the mood, serves as a handy sounding board for ideas or problems and can also help to focus on the job at hand. In your office, it’s likely that you’d have company, and you’re likely moving to a quite lonely environment. Even during isolation, there are lots of options these days to help combat that loneliness. It’s just a matter of keeping those avenues of communication open.
  4. Ambient Light – Working from home naturally leads to less going outside, likely fewer large windows letting light in and more darkness or unnatural light. These factors can very quickly have an incredibly detrimental effect on your mental health. The brain craves light and without sufficient quantity of good quality day light, you may find yourself becoming depressed and working on your mood is something that’s going to help the lockdown pass much quicker. Get the curtains open, work near a window, open that window if it’s not too cold. Consider investing in a daylight lamp or a Hue lighting set up to ensure you’re doing what you can to protect your mental wellbeing whilst fending off Covid-19.
  5. Take Proper Breaks – It can be hard to know when to take a break without the structure of a normal work day. Plan small breaks into your day and a proper lunch break. On those breaks, get up and walk around. Try getting some fresh air. A good recommendation to get you up and moving is to make a drink regularly. Not only will the hydration help you throughout the day but it will give you an excuse to get away from the desk for a little while at a time.

There are our 5 best tips for surviving Working From Home. When it’s a novelty it can be great fun, and a change of scenery isn’t bad. Just do what you can to ensure that feeling doesn’t go away, and you stay safe and happy. If you have any tips please let us know! Send us an email at or comment on our social media posts. We’re in this together. Stay safe and stay happy!

One thought on “Working From Home

  1. I’ll be starting to work at home from Monday so that is timely, really sensible and helpful advice. Thanks!


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